i-Mauli Tours


i-MAULI TOURS was established as a Tour Operator in Mossel Bay on the 6th November 2017 to promote Tourism in the Garden Route and surrounding areas of the Western Cape. The main objective of the business is to function as a Tour Operator to provide prospective tourists with an experience that beats their expectations.


The establishment has presently, carefully selected parties, who are registered tour guides that come to the party with lots of experience in the hospitality industry. They are knowledgeable of the Garden Route area and will ensure that  the objectives of the business and the the client – Our Tourist – is fulfilled.


The tour guides will operate strictly according to the procedures  and requirement laid down by i-Maul Tours, which includes:

  • Alignment with the rules and regulations of CATHSSETA;

  • Compliance to the dress code required by i-Mauli Tours that will make them presentable for the occasion;

  • Guides are well informed regarding the tour activity that they are to undertake;

  • Punctuality is part of the motto of achieving client satisfaction;

  • Safety of the client takes priority;

  • Optimisation in achieving the client’s needs in a cost effective manner.



The main member is also the main member of the legally registered close corporation known as Brucke Consulting. The tour operator is trading as i-Mauli Tours. The main member will be responsible to oversee and provide guideance to the business. Three steps summarize how the business is to be conducted.

1. Identification of suitable Attractions by collecting information  to take tourists to destinations and preparation of a marketing strategy.

2. Planning Tours requires the preparation and planning for taking tourist on tours to specific destinations.

3. Implementation is done two different categories, namely:

  • Guiding a pre-arranged tour by an outside Tour Operator under the i-MAULI TOUR banner.

  • Conducting a tour arranged by i-MAULI TOURS as tour operator.

i-Mauli Tours is connected to transport organisations that provide suitable and comfortable vehicles/buses to take tourists to the planned Attractions and Destinations. If i-Mauli Tours does not drive themselves they have competent drivers to drive the vehicles. Guides are provided to the vehicles for the trips to the attractions.